Earth Bar Has been a dedicated provider of cutting edge services to the bar & liquor industry for the last 5 year. Listed below is a brief outline of key services we provide to bars & Liquor companies, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Bar Consultancy

Does your venue have problems big or small?
Earth Bars Consultants are vastly experienced bar professions, who have more than just experience, our consultants have pride, passion & vision, your venue is more than a job.
Earth Bar Consultants help you, advise you on how to make your dream bar a reality. We put systems in place to allow your bar to be successful both now & in the future. We work with you, advising you on improving your venue & help put procedures in place to make your bar successful. Your job is to find the problems so we can find the solutions!

Beverage Consultancy

Do you have the best. Spirits, Liqueurs, Beers, Wines. For your venue & clientele. Our experience in the Bar industry & relationships with liquor companies, allows us to organize product knowledge training & extra services within your venue.

Bartender Training & Skills Development

With competition so hot in bar industry getting the most out of your staff is essential to very survival of your venue. Earth bar can offer you Programs to maximise the performance of your employees, from product knowledge, customer service, advanced cocktail making techniques right through to flair bartending.

Cocktail Mixology Services

In the last 10 years cocktail mixology has boomed, even some country pubs now have a stylish cocktail menu. Ladies drink Cocktails, if the ladies drink at you venue, so do Gentlemen. Cocktail Mixology is big business. It is important to have a cocktail list to suit the palates of your clientele. Earth bar specialize in the development of the cocktail. From menus for Sophisticated mixology cocktails, to fun fast Cocktails for the Young Hip crowd. We provide training seminars showing your staff how to mix those cocktails, giving your staff the knowledge & skills to compete with elite bars. We find the right mix.

Bar Design

It has become a trend of all profitable bars, to have a bar consultant working with the architect on the design of the bar areas. The reason is so you have a bar which bartenders can use, whilst still being an ornately beautiful bar. If your bar is impractical then it may not allow your staff to work at maximum efficiency, We can also assist in improving the layout of your current bar.

Bar Layout

A lot needs to be considered when designing a new bar or laying out an existing bar. The truth is most of the bars in the world are poorly designed with little practical value to the bartenders that serve behind a bar, many are designed by architects who have never actually worked behind a Bar.

Opening a Bar

Earth Bar Consultancy & Services can assist you in making sure your bar is ready for service from day 1. We can put together all your standard operating procedures, training manuals, par levels, stock control systems, training, beverage & cocktail list.

Steps to Open a Bar, Cocktail Lounge or Nightclub

Earth Bar specialise in the opening of bars, Nightclubs, Cocktail Lounges, There is a lot of steps involved in this major operation which will involve many different specialists, this page looks at the steps to opening a bar/ Nightclub/ Lounge venue.

Standard Operating Procedures for bars

Do You feel like Your Bar, Nightclub, Pub, Cocktail Lounge, Wine Bar has no standards?
Do You feel that your staff just make up how things are done as they go?
You are not alone, Earth Bar can put implement standards for you to enforce.

Liquor Promotional Services & Product Launches

Want to see your brand in lights, Earth Bar Consultancy & services can mix dynamic cocktails whilst incorporating flair bartending & even offering a flair bartending show to give your brand cutting edge appeal. Provide sales & Marketing assistance, Tailored product training programs & original Cocktail lists.

Flair Bartender Shows & Hire

We offer a unique service where you can hire a highly skilled Flair Bartender to work for you. This could be behind your bar to give the evening a lift, for a function, party or corporate event. We can throw in an extreme bartending show & make your clients love you.

Cocktail Party

Earth bar offer a range of cocktail party packages to make your cocktail party extra special. Earth bar only use top bar industry professionals for your cocktail party.

Flair Bar Development Training

Flair has the ability to generate excitement & pride leading the bartenders to take a more enthusiastic view towards areas such as customer service & cocktail mix ology. Earth bar flair development programs are based around teamwork & using your flair bartending to increase efficiency & productivity.

Mystery Customer

It has become an essential component of successful bars restaurants & hotels to have industry professionals do regular service checks on the front of house staff of most establishments. Service is that important to the survival of your venue. This allows you to get an external view on the strengths & weaknesses of your team members. To identify areas that may need improvement.

Bar Business and Financial Plan

Earth Bar can now offer a new Business and Financial plan specially designed for bar, with initial over the phone consultancy and customer support to new bars all over the world, if you require assistance with writing a business and Financial plan contact Earth Bar to find out what support we can offer you.

Bar Concept Development, Research and Planning

Every successful Bar/ Venue has a good well plan concept, It is important when opening a new establishment or turning around an existing establishment to have good research into the concept.

Bar Seminar Services

Earth Bar can offer a range of Bar Industry seminar and workshop style training programs for many different situations. These may be to develop your Bar Team, Management, or to help develop your brand.

Bar Industry Specialist For Hire

Earth Bar has a data base of over 3000 bar industry professionals, with Cocktail Mixologists, Fair Bartenders, Bar Managers, Bar Consultants & Bartenders looking for new opportunities; this allows us to find the right person for your unique needs.
Earth Bar supply professionals on long and short term contracts, depending on your Venues needs

Molecular Mixology Consultancy

Earth Bar have some amazingly creative Cocktail Mixologists who use Molecular Mixology as one of their tools to create amazing cocktails. Molecular Mixology is put simply cocktails made with a bit science, however to most people it is any Cocktail that is a little bit out of the ordinary.

The Cocktail Story

Much Is written about classic Cocktails, now I share what inspires my drinks, why the cocktail works

Cocktail Mixology Recipes

A large number of the classic cocktail and modern cocktail creations by Earth Bars owner Mixologist Joel Scholtens Lindsay and other bartenders.


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